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:: e-business, eForms and you
the GartnerGroup found 80% of business paperwork is some type of form. They put the total cost of processing forms in the US at $360 billion every year and the cost to process a single printed form at $150.
    Other research in 1994 by the GIGA Information Group reported the true cost of processing paper forms can be 60 times the purchase price. In addition 33% of pre-printed forms become obselete and are never used. $2 billion worth of forms are destroyed each year.
    Your forms are no different. They cost a lot to process and run the risk of being obsolete before being used.
    Electronic forms can ease the burden. They are quicker to process and provide the opportunity to improve your customer service.

:: typical uses for eForms
application forms
registration forms
memberships and subscriptions
expense forms

:: maximise the e-business benefit
if you have a pc and use the internet you already have the technology. There are 29 million UK web users and they are growing. Give them choice and make form filling simple.
Contact us today to see just how simple.