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:: save money
one form2eform can be used an unlimited number of times. No more big bills for printing forms

:: fill-in off line
they can be filled in offline. No need to be connected to the internet

:: easy to save
save to hard drive/floppy disk/cd at any stage in the form-filling process

:: user friendly design
professional user interface design encourages completion of forms whilst 'bubble tips' assist the form filler

:: reflect your corporate image
designed to project your corporate image and match existing printed forms if available

:: easy to use
a form2eform is easy to email out and, when completed, email back with the press of a button

:: maintain form integrity
both parties retain a copy of the completed eForm. This can be both electronic and printed out

:: fewer mistakes
easier to read than handwriting and self calculating fields can be included

:: easy addition of supporting documents
relevant electronic documents can be attached to the eForm at the click of a button

:: electronic signatures supported
a form2eform can be signed electronically with a free digital signature. Alternatively, the relevant page can be printed out and signed

:: strong encryption
where security is paramount, form2eform enables 128-bit password set encryption. Essential for protecting banking details and credit card information

:: free formfiller software
file size is less than 980kb for fast web downloads or easy distribution on floppy disk

:: support your corporate branding
add your logo to appear in the formfiller menu bar

:: smaller file size with auto compression
form length is no problem. Even 16 pages or more are only a few kilobytes in file size

:: maintain internal eForm control
designate 'For Office Use only' areas to maintain your existing procedures

:: improve customer satisfaction
making form filling simple improves your customer service relations and increases both the quality and quantity of form returns

:: give your customer choice
end user can
fill > print > fax/post or
fill > electronic submit

:: ideal 'cross-over' technology
form2eform can be used alongside your existing printed form procedures. You control how long you stay with printed forms and how many you require

:: start saving now
compare your printed forms cost to a form2eform™. Download the free form filler and examples.